Video tutorial - Signage Add-on

The Signage Add-on enables streetworks teams to produce traffic management and signage plans in-house, driving cost savings through insourcing and better communication with TM companies.

The Signage Add-on extends the functionality of the Traffic Management App to enable a full Chapter 8 signage layout to be plotted, incorporated and exported as a PDF, often eliminating the need for complex CAD software or outsource plan production.

Functionality enables users to design detailed signing schedules and communicate works footprints. It can be used for consultation, design review, setting out, annotation and for signing schedules (landscape and portrait). For the majority of traffic schemes, in-house streetworks and event management teams can produce their own plans in less time than it previoulsy took to instruct internal or external contractors.

This video tutorial gives you a step-by-step guide to creating a traffic management and signage plan, including

  • defining the works foortprint
  • adding, moving and rotating roadworks, directional and warning signs
  • creating multiple layers of signage
  • labelling to customise signage text
  • adding traffic management interventions
  • finding additional help using the Red and Pink Guidance books

If you need any more information after viewing this, please visit the Signage Add-on webpage or contact us.