Signage Add-on

The Signage Add-on enables streetworks teams to produce traffic management and signage plans in-house, driving cost savings through insourcing and better communication with TM companies.

The Signage Add-on to the Traffic Management App offers a seamless and integrated process for streetworks planning and Traffic Management (TM) plan production. It often eliminates the need for complex CAD software or outsourcing the production of plans.

Full Chapter 8 signage layouts can be easily plotted and with the simple Google Maps interface combined with the detail and precision of OS MasterMapTM, it makes the process of creating a traffic control plan a simple matter of dropping signage icons on the map.

Early adopters have reported substantial savings of up to 80% per plan by using this inexpensive cloud-based solution. It also offers

  • Reduced time to create accurate signage plans
  • Cost savings through insourcing and better communication with TM companies
  • Simplified workflow using one common platform for creating TM and signage plans
  • Instant visualisation to save planning time and cost prior to site visits

Functionality enables users to design detailed signing schedules and communicate works footprints. It can be used for consultation, design review, setting out, annotation and for signing schedules (landscape and portrait). For the majority of traffic schemes, in-house streetworks and event management teams can produce their own plans in less time than it previoulsy took to instruct internal or external contractors.

A unique benefit is that the signage layout can be visualised by superimposing the signs on a Virtual Reality representation of the street scene using Google Streetview - giving an instant insight into the viability, safety and other factors prior to anyone visiting the site.

Users are expected to have a basic understanding of the Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 8 to create traffic layouts that comply with the regulations, but require almost no training to use this simple tool, which demystifies the complex process of creating plans in traditional software.

Traffic management and signage plans can be completed in-house and combined with the Plan Share Add-on can be electronically submitted to participating Highway Authorities seamlessly on a common platform. This cuts out external costs, inefficient paper based processes and the errors and fixed penalties that often arise from multiple hand-offs.

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