Cheshire East Council

Transforming traffic management at Cheshire East Council

Cheshire East Council has a progressive and forward thinking highways department which is always looking at ways to improve the efficiencies of their workflow processes, minimise expenditure and provide better services to the public.

The Challenge

The introduction of permit schemes in November 2014 brought with it an increase in the number of permits being processed by the streetworks team, a need for higher quality information and better communication with the public.

To support Cheshire East’s changing requirements the team, who were already Premium subscribers to, began using Elgin’s Traffic Management (TM) App to transform the way they planned and instantly communicated information about road closures, diversion routes and other temporary traffic disruptions.

The previous traffic management processes had been manual and time consuming with a lot of the information provided by works promoters being out of date, basic and of poor quality.  With over 1,000 temporary traffic regulation notices and orders (TTRN/O) processed a year, the streetworks team were spending a huge amount of time processing and communicating notices to the public.

"The TM App is very easy to use, it significantly reduces the time dealing with road closures and diversions, which are then instantly communicated to the public through and our twitter feed. It has improved the accuracy and quality of the information submitted and communicated to the public. In fact we now consider it as an essential part of our traffic management armoury."

Wayne Ashdown, Streetworks Manager

Cheshire East Council

The Solution

The Traffic Management App enables Cheshire East Highways to create road closures and diversion routes in minutes in one seamless online process which is instantly published to a wide variety of websites and public portals. 

The team create traffic management plans by

  • adding the incident, event or streetworks activity
  • creating the road closure, diversion and auto-generating the route
  • creating documentation associated with the TTRO (e.g. legal notices) from templates pre-populated with route details, works information etc. and
  • publish instantly on to and other syndicated websites, and communicating these as well as via social media such as twitter and Facebook. 

The TM App also has an email function which allows the team to email Councillors, emergency services, bus operators and other key stakeholders about the road incident, event or streetworks activity

The App provides Cheshire East Highways with a number of benefits including

  • accurate planning and co-ordination of works and network management
  • streamlined processes and operational efficiencies
  • better quality of information
  • increased communications with the public to reduce customer enquiries and improve ‘self-service’ to minimise enquiries to the Customer Contact Centre

The TM App is not only a crucial tool for the Highways department it has also become an essential reference tool for the customer contact centre, who use as their first point of call when dealing with roadworks enquiries. The time efficiencies and cost savings to Cheshire East Highways of using the TM App and has enabled the them to successfully improve the efficiencies of their workflow process, provide a better quality service and communicate accurate and authoritative information in real time to the public.

Cheshire East Council won the 2015 Highways Magazine Excellence Award for the best use of new technology for their use of the Traffic Management App.

Cheshire East Highways using TM App

Key benefits

streamlined processes

and improved operational efficiencies

improved planning

and coordination of works

improved quality

of works information