Amey implements Elgin's Traffic Management App with Signage and Plan Share Add-ons on Affinity Water contract

Amey creates and coordinates hundreds of traffic management applications each year as part of its Affinity Water contract. As well as being an administrative and costs burden, the rising number of traffic management plans pose a challenge to keeping the public informed.

The Challenge

The existing process had a heavy administrative workload, as the means and methods of processing these applications was drawn-out and tedious.

As the number of applications was rising and always looking for ways to increase operational efficiencies, Amey decided to consider using the web-based Elgin Traffic Management (TM) App as an alternative to existing processes and procedures. 

As part of its commitment to delivering value to its client and driving efficiencies and compliance through innovation, Amey trialled the TM App in late 2015.

Amey is the first company in the Utilities sector to trial this application, with the TM App Signage and Plan Share Add-ons and take advantage of the streamlined approach enabling the direct submission of its TM plans to the relevant LHA.

The TM App is a highly flexible, scalable web-based solution, available on desktop, tablets and smartphones for planning on site and in the office. Using a cloud based web platform to submit plans, ensures a rapid accept process with audit trail and electronic approval, national in its scope. With an intuitive interface, operatives can become skilled after just two hours training. It further improves workflows, communication (internally/externally) and raises standards of traffic management planning.


"Amey's partnership with Affinity Water has transformed the way in which our Operations Planners submit Traffic Management Applications."

Adam Stevenson, Innovations Business Partner

Amey (Utilities Division)

The Solution

With the Signage and Plan Share Add-ons, the Traffic Management App enables Amey Operational Planners to create temporary traffic disruptions, such as roadwork openings, closures and diversions, and Chapter 8 (Traffic Signs Manual) plans suitable for submitting to Local Highway Authorities (LHA).

This is in less time than currently and minimises hand offs to internal or external contractors. Once accepted by the LHA, the roadworks information is published directly on and syndicated to other websites, sat-navs and social media, enhancing communications with the public.


  • Increased operational efficiency – reduced time required to complete individual applications
  • Enhanced information – submission of accurate, to scale temporary TM plans, plotted on a Google or OS MasterMap map interface
  • Streamlined process – reduction in repetitive paper processes and hand offs to other contractors
  • Cost savings – due to increased application processing rate
  • Improved relationships – increased transparency and coordination between Amey, Affinity Water and LHA partners
  • eGovernance – filing system available for audit purposes and stakeholder engagement
  • Improved network management – improved coordination and communication of temporary traffic management and approved plans, reducing the impact of activities that cause disruption to traffic and residents and helping to reduce congestion
  • Enhanced communication – plans are immediately published on and widely syndicated to other websites, sat-navs and via social media, etc. This allows Amey to keep the public and local businesses fully informed by communicating all aspects of street works before they take place and while in progress

Overall, Amey conservatively estimates efficiency savings of over 40% on each traffic management application and anticipated cost savings in the region of at least 20% per annum.

The pilot work was commended in the Keeping the Public Fully Informed category at the 2015 NJUG Awards. It was also shortlisted for the 2016 Energy Innovation Awards, Best Innovation Implemented or Adopted by a Contractor category.

example of a signage plan created in Elgin's TM App Signage Add-on

Key benefits

increased operational efficiency

with streamlined processes

reduced time

to complete plans

cost savings

with increased application rate