Traffic Management App Real-Time

Traffic Management App running in “Real-Time Mode” facilitates real-time communication of road closures to motorists via sat-nav channels.

Caption: TM App Real-Time

Caption: TM App Real-Time closure management

Caption: TM App Real-Time Sat-Nav

Traffic Management App Real-Time enables Highway Authority officers and contractors the ability to close or reopen a road instantly on mainstream sat-nav devices in real-time.

Developed collaboratively with Google and other major sat-nav service providers, TM App Real-Time provides a unique capability to influence the behaviour of thousands of vehicles instantly from a Traffic Control Centre or on-site at the side of the road.

Elgin already syndicates road closures and other temporary traffic disruptions to sat-nav partners, so what does the Real-Time add-on provide to users? The data gathered by Elgin through TM App and from roadworks registers goes through automated and manual verification procedures before it is reflected on services such as Google Maps, to overcome accuracy and reliability issues.

Using TM App Real-Time, authorised traffic management officers are able to instantly update these services, enabling drivers to alter their journeys as soon as possible following the closure or re-opening of a road.

The ability to influence driver behaviour via sat-nav updates is immensely powerful given the increasing usage of in car navigation technology, and especially with the advent of connected and driverless cars. Elgin’s vendor neutral service is unique, providing a single national platform for real-time road closure updates from multiple highway authorities to multiple navigation service providers.

The system will also support the ability to communicate to sat-nav partners where a road currently shown as closed on third party systems is currently not closed.

Key features and benefits

  • Influence thousands of journeys in real-time, reducing traffic jams
  • Update sat-nav and other real-time navigation services upon activating or de-activating a road closure directly via TM App
  • Provide real-time road closure updates to Google, TomTom and other mainstream in car navigation services
  • Simple tablet/smartphone user interface (“open/close road” function) for use at the roadside
  • Ability to override inaccurate closures on third party sat-navs with “road open to traffic” function
  • Closures and associated diversion routes can be planned in advance using TM App, and then updated using the Real-Time add-on when they come into force, providing a single integrated platform from planning to completion

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