Real-Time Real-Time is the next generation virtual traffic management centre - a suite of products which extends the platform into the realm of live congestion monitoring, real-time traffic management and direct influence over driver behaviour through live sat-nav updates. Real-Time provides a single platform for the coordination, planning, communication and monitoring of traffic disruptions, and a unique capability to influence driver behaviour through live sat-nav updates.

It removes the need for physical sensors and cameras throughout the network, and by sourcing live data from in-car systems and mobile phones, puts modern traffic monitoring technology within reach and budget.

For the first time it relates traffic slow downs to their causes. It provides better visibility, and where possible advance warning, to Traffic Control Centre, streetworks and network planning officers about issues on the road network, and offers more accurate and timely information to the travelling public - with a view to delivering better outcomes in the following areas:

  • Communication of traffic disruptions to the public and stakeholders
  • Reactive management of incidents and unplanned disruptions
  • Proactive management of planned works and events
  • Optimisation of the network usage during works schemes
  • Monitoring and reporting of key route performance

Elgin has invested in developing its solution with additional tools for the real-time monitoring of traffic in relation to roadworks and other disruptions, and live communication of road closures to drivers via sat-nav channels. Access to historic TomTom data will allow pre planning of works to be informed on location and time specific congestion issues in the past.

For an overview of Real-Time, please download the pdf here.

Current Real-Time services available are

Real-Time Map

Operational monitoring map giving up-to-the-minute information across the local and strategic road network about traffic jams, linking where possible the cause of disruption (roadworks, incident, etc.) and indicating current traffic speed, queuing times, etc.

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UTMC Integration

Integration of real-time UTMC systems to improve monitoring and management of the road network.

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Traffic Management App Real-Time

Ability to update sat-nav services with live road closure information, enabling prompt communication of closed or reopened roads with tens of thousands of motorists.

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Traffic Disruption Analytics

Access to retrospective data on roadworks from the Elgin database archive and traffic intelligence from TomTom’s database archive, to inform better planning of works and traffic management interventions.

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Real-Time Route Monitor

Route Monitor is tool for monitoring and communicating the performance of key routes with no requirement for physical sensors such as ANPR.

  • Display key route journey times to operators and the public
  • Monitor and communicate journey times through major schemes
  • Receive network performance alerts
  • Analyse key route performance over time
  • API feed to UTMC / VMS

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