Real-Time Map

Real-Time Map is a “map dashboard” highlighting severe and unusual congestion. It is a decision support tool for traffic control centre users, streetworks professionals and public event organisers.

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It combines within a single integrated map information about roadworks and other planned disruptions across the local and strategic road network, along with a live view of the traffic conditions, providing a powerful tool to answer the question: “is something unexpected happening on our network?”.

It correlates, wherever possible, the cause of traffic jams against planned and unplanned disruptions such as roadworks, public events and incidents. It enables users to track the actual congestion caused by individual works, events and incidents, including overall delay in each direction, queue length and traffic speeds.

Real-Time Map eliminates the “noise” from the public view of, enabling focus on things that are causing a significant impact on traffic at the current time. The map shows where roads are closed – as opposed to where a road closure order is in force but not yet activated.


  • Real-Time Network Management intelligence highlighting severe and unusual congestion
  • Confirm when road closures are in force
  • Toggle between view of actual traffic conditions and planned disruptions such as roadworks within a single integrated map
  • Relate severe or unusual congestion to its cause where possible (e.g. roadworks or unplanned incidents), enabling adaptive strategies to be deployed, e.g. alteration of traffic signal timings
  • No reliance on roadside infrastructure such as ANPR or Bluetooth
  • Coverage: national and cross-boundary. All classes of road down to A roads and some major B roads
  • Integration of VMS, CCTV, car park availability and other UTMC data sources

Product Features

Real-Time Map differs from the standard map by offering a toggle switch whereby the user can instantly switch between “planned” and “real-time” views of traffic disruptions such as roadworks.

The information on the map is updated every 2 minutes using live traffic data from TomTom. When in “real-time” mode the map displays live traffic disruptions that are either severe, or differ substantially from normal patterns of congestion for the time of day. The following attribute data is displayed in the pop-up window (where known):

  • Affected traffic direction and queue length
  • Traffic delay (versus free flow conditions)
  • Average speed (mph)
  • Disruption type (incident / roadworks / lane closure / road closures, etc.)

The affected section of the road network is indicated by a coloured line in the direction of traffic flow – indicated by an arrow head –in accordance with the certain display rules (see left hand grid)

By toggling the map between “planned” and “real-time” views the user can correlate live traffic conditions to planned roadworks.

Real-time data sources such as VMS, CCTV, live car park availability and other UTMC data sources can be integrated into the map, providing a holistic view of the road network.

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