Communications App

Enhance the quality and extend the reach of roadworks information

Enhanced, comprehensive and consistent

The future of roadworks communication.

Communications App offers enhanced, comprehensive and consistent messaging through the UK’s online roadworks information channel - It gives organisations full control over this powerful channel ensuring information about roadworks is relevant and user-friendly, improving customer satisfaction and protecting works promoters’ brand and reputation.

Comms app

Communications App for

Highway Authorities

Take full control of the channel and improve the quality of information to the public in a more relevant and user-friendly way, helping improve authority reputation and service delivery excellence.

Utilities & Contractors

Emphasise the necessity of works in a positive manner, improve customer communication and satisfaction levels to help achieve regulator service incentive rebates and protect brand reputation.

Issues communicating roadworks to the public

Hundreds of organisations are responsible for about 3 million roadworks that take place every year, causing immense disruption to motorists and residents.

Local Authorities are under pressure from residents and politicians. Utilities are increasingly scrutinised by the Regulators and by the media. Road users expect to know why a roadworks is happening and when it will be completed. 

How can Communications App help? Communications App (Comms App) radically improves information about roadworks, making it more relevant, transparent and comprehensive. Emphasise the necessity of works in a positive way, improving customer satisfaction and reducing complaints.

  • Full control over content of roadworks information, protecting works promoters’ brand and reputation
  • Accurate, comprehensive and timely works information to improve customer and stakeholder satisfaction feedback
  • Automated works communication for more efficient use of resources
  • Widespread, easy access to information, allowing increased self-service of enquiries

Each ‘self-served’ enquiry by a member of the public typically saves a Local Authority £2.68 (SOCITM) or a utility nearly £5.00 (OFGEM) -  there have been nearly 20 million 'hits' (hover overs, tool-tip look-ups & deep click-throughs) on in the last 12 months (as at January 2018). It is the no.1 Google search result for ‘roadworks’ and “the primary means of accessing current roadworks information.” (SOCITM)

How does Communications App work?

Comms App is a simple content management system that enables customisation of the roadworks information panel displayed on This presents a comprehensive, positive, easy to understand message about the necessity of the works.

  • Replace “industry jargon” with positive, meaningful information in plain English
  • Set-up default messages for different categories of works (e.g. gas main maintenance, resurfacing, emergency works, etc.) and bespoke messages for individual works
  • Add bespoke contact information and collateral such as PDF documents, web pages and videos can be linked for greater works detail
  • Publish and communicate instantly via the Promoters’ own website,, affiliated channels and social media
  • Generate QR codes to be used on public notices and on site works boards, driving users to the website for detailed specific works information
  • On embedded versions of, activate a scrolling text banner for important news
  • Monitor and measure the number of user enquiries against particular works via the analytics tool. A sentiment monitoring tool also gives feedback on the effectiveness of the information
  • Users can “follow” a roadworks and receive real-time updates via email, triggered automatically by any changes
  • Set-up route based alerts via email (coming soon) to receive advanced warning of works affecting commutes, etc.

Comms App is compatible with all ‘EToN’ streetworks systems and has no IT integration dependencies. With intuitive design, minimal training is needed for users to quickly establish consistency of message via multiple channels. It is fully tablet and smartphone ready so can be used either in the office or at the roadside, with works and communication teams updating status information in real-time.

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“The Comms App ticked all our boxes – self-serve for the public, the e-Government agenda, promoting information more effectively and all at lower costs. Being a cloud-based system it didn’t require any IT integration. The Elgin suite of web-based Apps are so intuitive to use that it required very little training and it is used now by our Streetworks, Network Management and Communications Teams. Also by embedding into our own site and by promoting its use – especially to our residents – we tripled the number of self-served enquires to over 300,000 after the first year of its operation”.

Mandi Robinson, Network Regulation Compliance

Lincolnshire County Council

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