Roadworks enables better planning and coordination of activities that cause disruption to traffic and residents, reducing congestion and keeping the fully public informed.

It is the most comprehensive source of roadworks and traffic disruption information in the UK. Over 95% of Local Highway Authorities in England and Wales contribute their roadworks data, along with the strategic Highways Agencies of England, Wales and Scotland and all the metropolitan transport authorities. This data is widely syndicated and has generated over 16 million enquiries on roadworks in the past 12 months alone. offers a secure environment where operational users can access a user-friendly integrated toolkit that transforms the efficiency of planning, reduces costs and provides business intelligence to improve operational performance.

It features with a range of professional tools that simplify traffic management planning, works coordination and collaboration between highway authorities and utilities & contractors on a common shared platform.

traffic management app

Traffic Management App

Traffic Management App enables road closures, diversions and other traffic interventions to be easily plotted on a map and instantly communicated via the web and sat-nav. It transforms traffic management planning for roadworks and public events.

It offers a streamlined design and submission process that facilitates collaborative working between utilities, contractors and Highway Authorities, resulting in better planning, coordination and communication of traffic management plans. It has revolutionised the way closures and disruptions are communicated to residents and road users via and its huge syndication platform.

Comms app

Communications App

Communications App enables enhanced and consistent roadworks information to be instantly messaged through the UK’s online roadworks information channel - and its syndication network.

It gives organisations full control over this powerful channel, ensuring information about roadworks is relevant, comprehensive and user-friendly, improving customer satisfaction scores and helping protect the works promoters' brand and reputation.

Data service

Data Services

Elgin aggregates roadworks and traffic disruption data across the strategic and local road networks for the whole of Great Britain.

The Elgin database is a unique national repository of roadworks and traffic disruption data. We offer a range of services to support data-driven business decisions, including data analysis and visualisation solutions to meet specific requirements. Our Data APIs support customers' applications ranging from small innovation projects to global sat-nav systems.

More... Pro Real-Time Traffic

Real-time monitoring and alerts for congestion caused by roadworks

Roadworks Report App

Data extraction tool to support improved works analysis and reporting

Asset Protection Dashboard

Enhanced monitoring to protect against asset strikes

Data APIs

National roadworks and traffic disruption data to power a wide range of applications


Independent data analytics to measure Streetworks performance and support decision-making