Professional operational toolkit for the streetworks industry is the new name for our suite of services for operational users. It provides a secure logged-in environment where data can be shared among peers, plus additional benefits which will be announced as we roll out the service during 2018.

All existing functionality that is available now in the non-logged in version of will continue to be available to professional users.

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Currently evolving, offers of a professional version of with an integrated toolkit that simplifies traffic management planning, works coordination and collaboration between Highway Authorities and utilities & contractors on a common shared platform.

This specific operational environment improves the efficiency of streetworks planning, reduces costs associated with aborted works, fines and other process failures and provides business intelligence through analytics and dashboards to help drive operational performance. It offers 

  • A logged-in professional environment where teams can confidently and securely share information internally or externally, via any device, in the office and on-site
  • An integrated toolkit that supports better works planning, reduced rejected plans, aborted works, permit variation and reduced penalties and fines
  • User friendly functionality that simplifies streetworks processes, reducing training requirements and pressure on resources

The website is used every day by many thousands of streetworks professionals to support planning decisions such as coordinating works with third parties, locating key infrastructure such as streetlamps and bus stops and for viewing operational data such as the National Street Gazetteer. Recently, we have been working to greatly enhance the functionality and coverage of operational data layers to support better and more automated planning. consists of this professional version of the map and a customisable toolkit that supports traffic management planning, works coordination, FPN early warnings, asset protection alerts, buried assets enquiries, historical roadworks searches and much more.

During 2018 we will further develop the capability of, including the introduction of the ability for users to self-register for The range of data and features accessible once logged in will be tailored to the user’s specific organisation and role.

Apps and services within are available to subscribing customers today, either through our Apps or via a bespoke implementation that can be tailored to your requirements and integrated into existing systems. options

Explore these options for more information or contact us to know more

Traffic Management App

Design, coordinate and communicate traffic management plans

Communications App

Enhance the quality and extend the reach of roadworks information Real-Time

Real-time monitoring and alerts for congestion caused by roadworks

Streetworks Planning Portal

Improve the efficiency and thoroughness of streetworks planning

Asset Protection Dashboard

Enhanced monitoring capability to protect against asset strikes

Highway Disruption Coordination

Coordination of roadwork activities for major highway schemes and critical infrastructure projects

Roadworks Report App

Data extraction tool to support improved planning and coordination


Independent data analytics to measure performance and support decision-making

Data APIs

National roadworks and traffic disruption data to power a wide range of applications

"Amey's partnership with Affinity Water has transformed the way in which our Operations Planners submit Traffic Management Applications."

Adam Stevenson, Innovations Business Partner

Amey (Utilities Division)

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