08 May 2017

Streetworks Software has collaborated with Elgin to embed roadworks.org

Streetworks Software has collaborated with Elgin to embed roadworks.org within its Street Works Information Management System.

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Matt Adamson, Elgin Product Manager commented,

“This is the sort of integration which is possible with our web based platform – integrating our map data and tools into market leading systems so that our mutual customers can find the right information at the right point in their workflow."

Robert Marsden of Streetworks Software said,

“Both Elgin and ourselves will be working together to achieve integration between our respective products to achieve optimal operational efficiencies for our clients."



About Streetworks Software

Streetworks Software provides a range of products and services designed specifically for the Utilities Industry and have clients in water, gas and electric infrastructures. Its Streetworks Information Management System (SwIMS) is a suite of tools specifically for planning, scheduling, management and oversight of all operations. See more here

About Elgin

Elgin is the home of roadworks.org – the local and national communications hub for live and planned roadworks, road closures and traffic disruptions. Using roadworks.org on a daily basis, traffic management and Streetworks professionals plan their works more efficiently, reduce costs and communicate disruptions effectively to road users, businesses and residents.

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