28 April 2017

Southampton ABP Marathon run by Elgin’s Traffic Management App

Some 10,000 runners took to the streets of Southampton on Sunday April 23rd 2017 for the third ABP Southampton Half Marathon & 10k, with the new addition of a full marathon for 2017.

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With the aim to cause as least disruption as possible to road users, residents and spectators, Southampton City Council used Elgin’s Traffic Management App (TM App) to plan and publish road closures and diversion routes, to ensure journeys around the city were smooth as possible during the event.

The TM App is a web-based tool that delivers better planning, creation and communication of traffic management plans.

Rob James, Senior Streetworks Coordinator at Balfour Beatty, Highways Service Partnership with Southampton City Council, said

"Elgin's Traffic Management App was invaluable in making sure residents, the public and road users alike were aware of any traffic disruptions during the event. The number of ways people were able to get this information, helped everyone to plan their journeys, keep congestion to a minimum and make the ABP Southampton Marathon a success.”

The information was widely available and published on the free-to-view roadworks.org, other syndicated websites, social media, mapping and sat-nav devices.

With 65 road closures in effect across the 3 routes, using the TM App ensured that the detail and impact on the road network was communicated widely, minimising disruption, congestion and enabling spectators and local residents to plan travel on the day and road users to avoid congestion.


Elgin is the home of roadworks.org – the local and national communications hub for live and planned roadworks, road closures and traffic disruptions. Using roadworks.org on a daily basis, traffic management and Streetworks professionals plan their works more efficiently, reduce costs and communicate disruptions effectively to road users, businesses and residents.

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