17 March 2017

New dating site for roadworks?

The Kent Lane Rental Scheme has an obligation to stimulate innovation within the Streetworks industry. It has now commissioned Elgin to build a new online tool which will enable those who work in Highways to find potential opportunities for working together. The new tool could even be described as a dating site for the Streetworks industry!

Kent Notification of Interest Tool

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Many roadworks are planned but do not necessarily have to occur at a specific time. Disruption can be minimised and costs can be lowered if work promoters share roadworks sites and trenches. Up until now, it has been difficult for work promoters to be aware of each others work in early planning and to easily get in touch. Prospective works at the pre-official notification stage are frequently only shared informally or within trusted circles, inhibiting potential to plan for working together.

To address these issues, a new Notification of Interest tool has been commissioned by Kent Lane Rental Scheme, which is to be built by Elgin and hosted on the national roadworks platform roadworks.org. This will allow works promoters to declare their intended works and find opportunities to collaborate with other interested parties to share excavations and road space.

Having the opportunity to find out about utilities plans to upgrade a gas main, or a planned change to a road layout to serve a new development, would help planners and promoters work together to minimise disruption to the road network.

The Notification of Interest tool will be a repository for marking out shared zones of interest, discussing site plans and traffic management requirements, storing survey results, health and safety documents and commenting on shared plans. It will identify a roadworks match and will automatically flag to members the potential trench-sharing and coordination benefits of working together at particular works locations.

Works promoters from the South East will be invited to take part in the first phase of the project with Kent County Council. The Notification of Interest tool will be released in the latter part of 2017.

To download a product sheet pdf, please click here

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