12 October 2015

National Grid embeds roadworks.org map into 'In Your Street' webpage

National Grid has embedded a special view of roadworks.org which shows all National Grid Gas' roadworks to local residents on its 'In Your Area/In Your Street' service on its national website.

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Many Utility clients have been asking Elgin for some time if it is possible to embed the roadworks.org map, but showing only a view of their own works. In this way they can give better customer information on their own roadworks, while being aware of other works nearby which may be causing confusion.

National Grid is one of the first Utility companies to use this service.

Hayley Tranter, Stakeholder Delivery Specialist, National Grid Gas said,

"We wanted to create a place where our customers could get all the information they need about the works going on in their area. Pointing them towards roadworks.org was great, but it meant they had to bounce between the two websites to get all the information they needed. By embedding the map in our pages, and only highlighting our works, customers can get exactly what they need all in one place and it’s unique to our business."

To visit the National Grid 'In Your Street' page, click here

Elgin Chairman, Shane O'Neill, commented,

"roadworks.org has served up over 12 million customer enquiries on roadworks in the last 12 months - a 300% increase on the year previously. This "toggle" feature - enabling a view of an individual Utility's works but also all other works - will help customer service desks to answer enquiries much more effectively."

The roadworks.org map is now embedded into over 100 street works and local community sites in England & Wales.