03 August 2017

Elgin and TomTom shortlisted for National Transport Awards 2017

We are very pleased to announce that Elgin and TomTom have been shortlisted for the National Transport Awards 2017, with roadworks.org Pro Real-Time Traffic.

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The 17th Annual National Transport Awards celebrates the successes that have been achieved on national and local transport projects. These projects have shown tangible results, improving the experience for transport users and ultimately adding to the successful development of the nation’s transport infrastructure.

Shortlisted in the Most Innovative Transport Project category, roadworks.org Pro Real-Time Traffic, allows, for the first time, Traffic Managers and Works Promoters to monitor congestion caused by individual roadworks and traffic management interventions (such as road closures). It supports intelligent real-time network management, active intervention strategies and ultimately enables drivers to reach their destinations more quickly.

Supported by the Department for Transport, Transport Focus, and the Association for Consultancy & Engineering, the winners will be announced at the 2017 National Transport Awards on 12th October 2017.