Utilities & Contractors

Nearly 2 million (of about 3 million) roadworks each year are done by or on behalf of utility companies. This number is increasing with the need to modernise our infrastructure and the demand for utility services from new consumers and businesses.

The cost of conducting works is a major factor for utility companies and their contractors, as is the compliance to complex regulation and the need to satisfy stakeholders. The efficiency of streetworks operations underpins both utilities and contractors’ business models.

roadworks.org is the national roadworks information portal for England and Wales and is used universally by streetworks professionals for coordinating works. Elgin has developed a suite of professional tools for utilities and contractors to support better planning, coordination, execution and communication of roadworks. These have been proven to deliver substantial operational savings as well as regulatory benefits.

Elgin’s professional tools can:

  • reduce streetworks planning costs
  • reduce streetworks failure rates (abandoned works, permit variations, FPNs)
  • reduce outsource costs (for traffic management and signage plans)
  • save time with streamlined, more efficient working processes
  • improve co-operation and collaborative working in a common platform with Highway Authorities
  • improve customer service with easy to access works information, lowering contact centre pressure and costs with increased self-service of enquiries
  • improve stakeholder engagement and customer satisfaction scores
  • help comply with Department for Transport legislation, regulation and NJUG (National Joint Utilities Group) industry vision for world class streetworks: 
  • Minimise disruption
  • Keep the public fully informed
  • Avoid damage to underground assets
  • Support innovation

Tools on the roadworks.org platform, including Traffic Management App, Signage & Plan Share Add-ons and Asset Protection Dashboard, are designed to support much more effective site planning, traffic management planning, automated coordination and compliance with regulatory processes – which can deliver substantial operational savings.

roadworks.org is the number one Google search result for “roadworks” – it is the default destination for roadworks information and handles nearly 20 million 'hits' (hover overs, tool-tip look-ups & deep click-throughs) on roadworks per year. Utilities using the Communications App are able to harness this dominant channel to customers and stakeholders by enhancing and controlling the information displayed about their own works on the website and analysing user traffic and feedback.

Many utilities and contractors have already adopted roadworks.org tools and services, including National Grid Gas, Wales & West Utilities, Affinity Water, Openreach, Northern Power Grid, Northern Gas Networks, Morrison Utility Services, National Grid Electricity Transmission and Hibernia Networks.

Explore the website or contact us to learn more about how roadworks.org services can drive operational savings via better planning, coordination and communication of works.