Highway Disruption Coordination Solutions

Our Highway Disruption Coordination Solutions are designed to facilitate the coordination of roadworks and related planned activities that have the potential to disrupt major highway schemes and critical infrastructure projects.

Caption: Highways Disruption Coordination Solutions

Continuous traffic growth is resulting in ever increasing peak hour and off-peak congestion which is costing businesses and private road users direct costs and lost time. Many major manufacturing and logistics and supermarket distribution companies work to just-in-time schedules.

Major projects, motorway and strategic utility upgrading, large housing and business park developments all add to the pressures of managing construction traffic and daily traffic flows. Increasingly night closures using extensive traffic diversions are required.

With projects spanning 2-15 years, smart digital solutions are needed to ensure the most effective coordination of activities that impact on the road network.

Our bespoke planning and coordination solutions are designed to meet the needs of coordinators managing the competing demands of major schemes, day-to-day highway and utility maintenance activities and road users, in particular for cross boundary, multi-works promoter or particularly complex projects.

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