Elgin at a glance

Elgin is the company behind the national roadworks database for England and Wales and the UK’s most comprehensive map of current and planned traffic disruptions - roadworks.org.

Building on roadworks.org, Elgin has developed a suite of services for highway managers and works promoters to help them plan, manage and communicate roadworks and traffic disruptions better.

Public communication of roadworks

  • roadworks.org is the national roadworks database for England & Wales
  • over 4.5 million unique public users
  • nearly 19 million online enquiries on roadworks self-served in the past 12 months, growing at 100,000 per month (estimated saving to highway authority and utility call centres >£10M p.a.)
  • top ranked site in Google for searches on “roadworks” and “road closure”
  • roadworks.org map embedded in over 160 third party websites
  • independently validated: “Almost all of the councils surveyed use the roadworks.org mapping system as the primary or only route to access details of planned roadworks in the area” – Socitm Better Connected Report: Find out about roadworks 2017
  • over 15% of the market use Elgin Communications App to overcome the limitations of EToN and provide plain English descriptions of works for the public

Data coverage

  • 2.5m roadworks published per annum
  • Comprehensive roadworks data from 170 out of 174 local highway authorities, Highways England, Traffic Wales, Traffic Scotland, TfL and TfGM
  • 97% coverage of the road network across England and Wales
  • Utilities and major infrastructure players such as Network Rail contribute data directly, bypassing the “missing LHAs”
  • 10 year archive of historic roadworks data

Sat-nav and connected vehicles

  • 36% of drivers expect to receive details of closures and incidents via sat-nav – RAC Report on Motoring 2016
  • Launched in June 2017, the Real-Time extension to Elgin’s Traffic Management App is now used by highway authorities to publish real-time road closure updates to Google, TomTom, Here and other leading sat-nav systems, directly influencing driver behaviour
  • Elgin is the only company in world with the technology to inject live road closure updates instantly into Google Maps

Operational use

  • 13,000+ operational streetworks users access roadworks.org services daily to coordinate and plan works
  • 60 highway authorities use Traffic Management App to plan, publish and coordinate 100,000 temporary traffic interventions per annum
  • Elgin has developed a real-time version of roadworks.org using live traffic data from TomTom to validate the actual disruption caused by individual roadworks, which is being trialled by 40 Highway Authorities
  • a regional initiative in Kent, under the sponsorship of the Kent Lane Rental Scheme, is developing a Forward Planning collaboration tool around roadworks.org for utilities and highway authorities to promote coordination and permit sharing
  • a national utility company is integrating roadworks.org data in order to facilitate coordination and permit sharing at the point where permit requests are submitted
  • one of the largest national utility contractors is integrating the enhanced roadworks.org Pro Streetworks Planning Map into its operational streetworks systems in autumn 2017, with a roll-out expcted during 2018. This will fulfil the demand for a “single-source-of-truth” works planning map, which is currently being met by the public roadworks.org website
  • a consortium of local Highway Authorities has asked Elgin to develop a roadworks.org based tool to manage and protect HS2 construction corridors, likely to be procured and developed late 2017

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