Pro Real-Time Traffic

Real-Time Traffic extends the existing capabilities of Pro into the realm of real-time network management. It provides a single platform for the coordination, planning, communication and monitoring of traffic disruptions, and a unique capability to influence driver behaviour through live sat-nav updates.

Caption: image 1 “Raw” traffic disruptions data on Image 2 “Validated” real-time traffic disruptions data

Real-Time Traffic is a suite of tools which extend the Pro platform enabling users to:

  • Monitor live traffic conditions
  • Understand the cause of traffic jams and relate them to planned and unplanned disruptions
  • Receive alerts when traffic incidents occur or when journey times exceed a given threshold on key routes
  • Communicate live road closure information directly to sat-navs and other real-time systems

Real-Time Traffic consists of add-ons to the map and Traffic Management App, providing live network management functionality. Pro Real-Time Traffic Map Pro Real-Time Traffic Map combines all the information about planned roadworks and traffic disruptions with a live view of the traffic conditions on the road network. It correlates, where possible, the cause of traffic jams against planned and unplanned disruptions such as roadworks, public events and incidents. Real-Time Traffic Map is a national and local “map dashboard” providing intelligence to traffic control centre users, streetworks professionals and public event organisers.

The information on the map is updated every 2 minutes using live traffic data from TomTom, and historic traffic intelligence to determine unusual patterns of congestion.

Live data sources such as VMS, CCTV and live car park availability can be integrated into the map, providing a holistic view of the road network.


  • Real-time traffic intelligence on all major roads. Coverage: national and cross-boundary. All classes of road down to A roads and some major B roads
  • Automatically confirm when road closures are in force
  • Toggle between view of actual traffic conditions and planned disruptions such as roadworks within a single integrated map
  • Relate congestion to its cause where possible (e.g. roadworks or unplanned incidents), enabling adaptive strategies to be deployed, e.g. alteration of traffic signal timings
  • No reliance on roadside infrastructure such as ANPR or Bluetooth
  • Integration of VMS, CCTV, car park availability and other UTMC data sources

Future developments:

  • Explicit linkage between live traffic impact (traffic speeds, delay times, etc.) and roadworks details including works reference number, etc.
  • Ability to define and then monitor Key Routes and diversion routes
  • Automatic alerts using configurable rule base. e.g. email alert when severe congestion event occurs on Key Route, or when journey time exceeds a given threshold for the time of day


Traffic Management App Real-Time 

Traffic Management App Real-Time enables Highway Authority Officers and Contractors the ability to close or reopen a road instantly on mainstream sat-nav devices in real-time. Developed collaboratively with Google, TomTom and other major sat-nav service providers, TM App Real-Time provides a unique capability to influence the behaviour of thousands of vehicles instantly from a Traffic Control Centre or on-site at the side of the road.

Elgin already syndicates road closures and other temporary traffic disruptions to sat-nav partners, so what does the Real-Time add-on provide to users? The data gathered by Elgin through TM App and from roadworks registers goes through automated and manual verification procedures before it is reflected on service such as Google Maps, to overcome accuracy and reliability issues.

Using TM App Real-Time, authorised traffic management officers are able to instantly update these services, enabling drivers to alter their journeys as soon as possible following the closure or re-opening of a road.

The ability to influence driver behaviour via sat-nav updates is immensely powerful given the increasing usage of in car navigation technology, and especially with the advent of connected and driverless cars. Elgin’s vendor neutral service is unique, providing a single national platform for real-time road closure updates from multiple highway authorities to multiple navigation service providers.


  • Provide real-time road closure updates to Google, TomTom and other mainstream in car navigation services
  • Influence the behaviour of thousands of vehicle journeys instantly at the touch of a button
  • Closures and associated diversion routes can be planned in advance using TM App, and then updated using the Real-Time add-on when they come into force, providing a single integrated platform from planning to completion

Future developments:

  • We are working closely with our partners in the sat-nav industry to extend the real-time update capability to other traffic disruptions including lane closures, traffic signals and roadworks
  • We are also considering developing an iPhone / Android app to better support use of this ground breaking technology at the roadside

If you would like to know more about Pro Real-Time Traffic, please contact us.