Pro Real-Time Traffic

Real-time monitoring and alerts for congestion caused by roadworks for Traffic Management Centres and streetworks teams.

Caption: image 1 “Raw” traffic disruptions data on Image 2 “Validated” real-time traffic disruptions data Real-Time Traffic allows, for the first time, Traffic Managers and Works Promoters to monitor congestion caused by individual roadworks and traffic management interventions such as road closures, supporting intelligent real-time network management and active intervention strategies (e.g. altering traffic signal timings).

Elgin’s real-time roadworks dataset has been created by validating roadworks information against unusual patterns of congestion, taking into account live traffic flow information from TomTom and historic patterns of traffic behaviour for the same street at the same time of day, day of the week and time of year. The result is a highly granular real-time traffic model that identifies which roadworks are causing high levels of congestion, and which road closures are actually in force. The data is refreshed every 5 minutes, resulting in a live “map dashboard” displaying only those works causing a significant impact on the road network, and filtering out the remaining 90% of “noise”.

The system can be used in the following ways to support optimal management of the road network:

  • Live roadworks “map dashboard” for Traffic Management Centres to support real-time network management
  • Live monitoring tool for streetworks managers and coordinators to support intervention strategies (e.g. change traffic signal timings)
  • On-site use via mobile web app, enabling field staff to monitor/take corrective action on problematic work sites
  • Management dashboard, enabling managers to monitor performance and prioritise resources

The system offers a number of features to traffic management and streetworks professionals:

  • Live congestion monitoring: monitor actual delay times, traffic speeds through roadworks, affected road length and direction or travel
  • Early warning alerts: receive email/SMS notifications where congestion exceeds a given threshold
  • Live road closure confirmation: remote monitoring of when closures are activated and reopened
  • Diversion journey times: remote monitoring of actual journey times along diversion routes

The data can be accessed by permissioned users within Elgin’s Pro operational environment, ideal for large metropolitans, strategic and national network traffic management centres, Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) systems and Intelligent Transport Systems.

If you would like to know more about Pro Real-Time Traffic, please contact us.