Independent data analytics to measure streetworks performance and support decision-making.

Caption: example of roadworks analytics workbook infographic

Elgin is the primary source of national roadworks data for England & Wales – data from over 2.5 million official roadworks notices per year are harvested in near real-time and displayed free on the open website,

An archive has been developed - fully national from 2014, but with large parts of the country going back several years. Now, for the first-time, policymakers, business analysts and operational users can mine this data using state of the art Big Data tools. Data may be compared to national trends, internal data sources and external datasets, to create greater insights into activity and performance.

Elgin Analytics provides user-friendly business insight capability using Tableau workbooks, which can be either  Standard workbooks or Configured workbooks designed to analyse client specified measures and themes. 

These workbooks are dynamic, enabling the user to integrate and analyse the data with ease. Data is presented in both graphical and tabular form, on maps for a geographical viewpoint and can be manipulated using custom filters. Accessible across many platforms, they are configured to work on a desktop, online, or on a mobile device, enabling access to the data wherever and whenever needed.

In addition to the workbooks, Elgin Analytics can provide access to the source data, under Licence, to those organisations who have existing analytics capability and want to complement their data or business insight. This can be provided as a one-off extract or ongoing data feed.

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