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About 3 million roadworks take place every year in England and Wales. roadworks.org, the national roadworks and traffic disruptions platform, is used on a daily basis by Traffic Management and Streetworks professionals to plan their works more efficiently, reduce costs and communicate disruptions to road users, businesses and residents. The result: fewer traffic disruptions, less congestion and more reliable journey times.


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Real-Time Traffic

roadworks.org Pro Real-Time Traffic

For the first time, Traffic Managers and Streetworks professionals can now track the real-time impact of roadworks on their networks and make appropriate interventions to help reduce congestion and improve journey times.


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Our markets

Highway Authorities

Minimise road space occupancy and disruption caused by roadworks, incidents and public events whilst keeping the public fully informed.

Utilities & Contractors

Achieve operational savings and enhanced regulatory compliance with better planning, coordination and communication of works.

Intelligent Transport

Elgin’s unique national traffic disruption dataset powers a wide range of intelligent transport solutions.


26 April 2018

Anglian & London HAUC Roadshow 2018

Allianz Park, Greenland Lane, Hendon, London

Product Releases

Our customers

Our customers share their experiences in adopting and using Elgin products to improve network planning and coordination, increase operational efficiencies, reduce cost and enhance communication of roadworks and traffic disruptions.


“We are continuously seeking innovative methods to reinforce the resiliency of our network infrastructure. The Elgin solution provides us with enhanced monitoring tools relating to roadwork activity, enabling us to more pre-emptively protect against potential damage to our network caused by this type of construction and repair activity. Elgin’s roadworks.org was the only national platform that offered end-to-end coverage of our network from the Bristol Channel to Slough.”

Owen Maguire

Hibernia Networks

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