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1 May 2012

ELGIN embraces public sector governance

ELGIN has announced its intention to apply for the Government's own information "fair trader" assessment.  

ELGIN and the Office of Public Sector Information, part of The National Archives have agreed that the national roadworks portal, roadworks.org, should be subjected to the same regulatory regime as if the company were a public body.

ELGIN Chairman Shane O'Neill said:

"When we took the decision to re launch ELGIN in 2011 as a national roadworks portal, we always had a view about its becoming a national asset which required proper regulation. We believe that such an important public information dataset ought to be developed and curated under an approved governance regime. That is why we have applied to become the first private sector body to be assessed under the public sector Information Fair Trader Scheme (IFTS)."

Commenting on ELGIN's application to become an IFTS member, Carol Tullo, Director, Information Policy and Services at The National Archives said:

"ELGIN is a private sector organisation performing an important public sector information function. That comes with an obligation to meet certain governance standards.  ELGIN's voluntary participation in the assessment processes and discipline of the Information Fair Trader Scheme exemplifies that new inter-dependency. We are delighted that ELGIN has asked to be assessed on a pilot basis."

For further information, please contact pr@elgin.org.uk.

Notes for editors:

ELGIN is responsible for the national roadworks portal formerly known as elgin.gov.uk and now re-launched as roadworks.org.  It is a co-operative national enterprise, incorporating data from over 90 Local Authorities in England and Wales, the Highways Agency and Transport for London and covering 70% of England and Wales.

The Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI), part of The National Archives, is at the heart of information policy, setting standards and encouraging the re-use of public sector information. It operates the Information Fair Trader Scheme (IFTS).

IFTS is founded on principles which include simplicity, transparency, fairness, challenge and innovation. It helps users of public sector information to know that they will be treated reasonably and fairly. OPSI also investigates complaints against public sector information holders made under the Re use of Public Sector Information Regulations.

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