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ELGIN is the trading name of Roadworks Information Limited, a new company established in 2011 dedicated to creating a new vision for transport information.

We want to make  transport information easily shared and communicated - across hundreds of local Highway Authorities, regional and national networks, free to view on multiple websites and integrated into in-car navigation systems and people's mobile devices.

The services that are described on these pages are all about how to release data and make it as widely available as possible. They are cloud based, with enhancements developed by our community of clients, which can be instantly implemented across all our own and partner websites and applications..

We have also developed a funding model suited for a time of austerity - where there is a lack of central Government funding and local Highway Authorities are challenged just to maintain and repair our roads: annual subscriptions, no upfront capital charges and value for money.

For more information please contact chairman@elgin.org.uk.

Regulator view

"ELGIN is a private sector organisation performing an important public sector information function. That comes with an obligation to meet certain governance standards.  ELGIN's voluntary participation in the assessment processes and discipline of the Information Fair Trader Scheme exemplifies that new inter-dependency."

Carol Tullo, Director, Information Policy and Services at The National Archives